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Feeling free inside onself, is being free.

My friend Kai and I have always loved artsy and creative places. I got it from her actually, appreciating pieces of arts and indulging on making our own. Among us two, she’s got the creative eye. So I invited her and her husband to spend a holiday afternoon in Dreamland Arts & Cafe in Tagaytay.

I, like any other social media conscious traveler or wanderer, checked their Facebook page and looked for reviews to set my expectations and the like. Well, there were a lot of disappointed reviews saying they waited for a seat and for their food for an average of 45 minutes to an hour. Which, I do not care much since sought after the relaxing and creative ambiance.

Let me share our experience with Dreamland Arts & Cafe in Tagaytay, enjoy the photo blog and read the captions. You can also watch the slideshow here.

dreamland arts & cafe tagaytay


Cool piece of art! I always dreamed of traveling with a VW. Look at their logo, I really appreciate how it was well thought of. 


Just before the entrance door, the menu rack is displayed. There is a disclaimer that they serve slow food, which they said in a cool way!



I read that their customers loved their mojos. So here is how carefully served their potato dishes are. Fresh and not frozen. Lovely!
Some snips of their menu are seen at the cashier area. And would you believe there are seats behind those? Cool! But it was full that time so we weren’t able to get a seat there.
A blurry shot of more menu snips. Ha ha.


So we decided to take a seat outside instead. The waitress kindly offered us to wait and she’d looked for us. Thank you Ate Waitress, you chose a perfect spot! It was outside, upstairs near their arts & crafts area. You have got to remove your shoes, see a background of slippers, and sit comfortably on their throw pillows. Just perfect when you want to just relax and feel the breeze of Tagaytay. See here we are, checking out the menu, modeled by my handsome son!
They got this cool menu that looked like a surfing board. by the way, our table is a surfing board! How cool is that?
My son carefully looking through the menu. From appetizers, rice toppings, complete meals (rice meal with dessert and drinks), to desserts and drinks, they have it! The price range of the food costs at about 250 pesos per person. They call the sharing meal “Squad” which I suggest should’ve been “Tribe”. You know, to get consistent with the Indie vibe. What ya think? 
This is their table number. It is cool that they also say here the disclaimer that they serve slow food. And they suggest a lot of activity choices in case you get bored easy.
Whoops! No WiFi! To happier connection!



So we did take a lot of photos.

We got some board game for my son and borrowed a ukelele even if we do not know how to play it. Haha.
Look how cool our table is!
After a roughly an hour, our food is here! Look at how my son is already enjoying their Pishy Fries. We loved it! The three of us ordered rice toppings and a pitcher of the strawberry mint cooler. Relatively 4 stars for the quality and taste! We wished the rice bowls weren’t that deep.

And this was our favorite part! The dessert. It was a DIY Nutella Smores Delight. You get to heat up or let’s say burn the marshmallows, dip it in the nutella and squish with the graham crackers. Yum!

All the love to Dreamland Arts & Cafe in Tagaytay! Kudos to your creativity. We super loved the logo by the way. And maybe you can think of changing “Squad” to “Tribe”, just a thought. He he!

The experience was fun! The place is not for someone in a rush. This is a place for people who value the time of waiting and treats it as a chance to bond with their companion. We had a great time. And I definitely caught up with my friends and had a well-spent afternoon.

To check out their place and how to get there, visit their Facebook page.

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