3 Things You Need to Start Your WAHM Life Journey| WAHM Diaries by Mommy Strawberries

Yes, there are a couple of benefits and advantages we reap from freelancing or having a home based job. Being a mom and hearing about the benefits of having flexible work time, earning dollars and capability to cater to multiple clients, makes it appealing for us moms. But, what is the real score? Is it really that all ups and no downs? Definitely not.

Getting into this kind of work entails Hard Work, like any other jobs out there, may it be in a corporate job, field work or home based. ALL HARD WORK.

Many say that getting into a home based job means high paying and generous clients, easy money, time management made easy, and easy money. Momma, I have to be frank but that is not the case at every start of a WAHM journey. Like every other job out there, there are struggles and difficulties, how to surpass them?

Let me share with you what are the 3 things you will need to start your WAHM life journey. Here they are, momma:5

  1. Time Management1
    • It is really hard to sacrifice our family time to work, but time is the most needed factor in working at home. Make time for research and learning. Make time for skills enhancement, Make time for exercise. Make time for play with your children. Many may say it is easy because you have flexible work time. But let us not forget that we are not only catering to our online clients but especially to our ultimate boss – our family. Managing your time at work, making time for learning and lastly, family quality time. Having a well balanced time management and understanding that every moment matters makes a momma happy and leads to a happy household.

  2. Resourcefulness3
    • Especially to newbie WAHMS, there is no such thing as spoon feeding in success. You do not need to pay and enroll for that $100 tutorial. You may opt not to join an expensive online course. remember we have a family budget, hehe. Be resourceful. Spoonfeeding won’t help you. Google that question you have in mind, watch that free online tutorial, read that free e-book and yearn for knowledge. With that, you are to a good start, because working as a freelancer, not everything is provided to you, you should be resourceful to earn your client’s trust.

  3. Attitude to Learn and Acceptance of Failure4
    • It will not be smooth sailing, but climbing up top would be possible if you have that passion for learning and even if failures and mistakes come, you do not give up. As I always say, mistakes are the best teachers. Learn from it and be even more hungry to improve and learn.



I am excited that you will start your WAHM life journey and I believe that as a mom, you can manage and be a super woman as you were always are.


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