The Journey of a Stay at Home Mom | Mommy Strawberries

It was my top of the dream list to be a stay at home mom for my children. I wanted to not miss my children’s milestones while growing up, and want to be there in their developing years. I prayed so hard for it and asked God if I am meant to be a stay at home mom for my family, and here we are guided by God’s grace.

Being a stay at home mom is not easy. Unlike what most of the people say that it is the easiest job on earth to stay at home. Excuse me! Nuh-uh! Hehe. I have to admit I currently do not perform all the chores at home and I have the support group, so it is kind of manageable, and let’s say, easy than most SAHM life. So, to completely keep your sanity while being a SAHM, here are what will keep your grounded.Today's Quote-

  1. Family Support
    • It takes a village to raise a child and that village will be your family. During the times, most of the times I bet, that you want that short break, your family can back you up and carry your crying toddler while you cry on your own back in the pantry. Hehe. when you feel you cannot do the chores because you’ve been up all night comforting your sick child, they can cover up for you.
    • In fact, I am eternally grateful to my mom who cooks, washes and does the laundry for me and my children. I am a virtual assistant at night, a full time breastfeeding mom to my youngest and my eldest is a 2-year-old, do I have to tell you about the terrible twos? So you may imagine the struggle of wanting to do chores and move by yourself. Being at home for your kids is not the simplest thing. My mom has been catering for us for all her life. All hard work, endless chores, and no pay. But I saw my mom’s happiness in the eyes of my children. So thank you, mom, for being my ultimate support. You are awesome!
  2. Social Life
    • Do not forget to have a social life. Nowadays, social life means social media. Go on, momma, make friends online. There are a couple of support group communities online that I have witnessed the genuine love and care to their virtual mommy friends. Finding a friend online is not as miserable as it sounds like, it is actually awesome! Sharing the same experience as a SAHM, the frustrations, parenting styles and what not, you realize you are not alone. So ding Facebook once in a while is not a vice, do not be guilty. Just make sure the kids are well taken care of, alright momma?
    • I am a member of these support groups and it is such as breeze to open up and share experiences. Many mothers may have different opinions on different situations, but nonetheless, you feel you are not alone, there are many of you out there. Having a genuine relationship with your friends is awesome. I have to admit I only kept quite a small number of friends. Remember what they say, you do not need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of.
  3. Love of Self
    • Yes, momma, your 24/7 are all dedicated to your family. But please, do not forget about yourself. Your health, your sanity and your happiness. Take a short time off during the day to stretch and exercise. Make sure you are also well fed, not just the kids. If you have that Koreanovela you wanted to binge watch, go ahead! Do not ever forget about yourself. Keep in mind, without you the house is not a home. And you know what they say, having a happy mother is having a happy home.

So momma, always keep in mind that you are not to be valued less compared to a working mom or any other mom. We all are the same in the values and dreams of wanting to take good care of our family. Kudos to you!



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