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I am Mommy Strawberries and I have found my new love! Essential oils! I would love to share with you the 6 things you have to know about essential oils:

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First, let me tell you about my story, it started when I tried using lavender essential oil with my son who I have difficulty in conditioning him into a sleeping schedule. This was a difficulty for me because I am a work at home mom and works at night. Kids being awake while you work makes your focus divided, bad for your job and especially bad for the kids.

I tried the lavender essential oils, rolled it into Kuya R’s soles, back of his ear and chest. He got a much easier transition to a ‘mahimbing’ sleep. Helps me work well throughout the night, and minimizes a grumpy toddler waking up in the morning. Well, we can’t always control moody kids, right? But this, most of the times, helps me and helps my kiddo.

From then on, I loved essential oils. I read a lot how it helped thousands of families across the globe with various issues addressed by these oils. I even bumped into an article that the glories of these oils started back during the times of Jesus Christ, I mean – the Bible times. These oils are the gift of God to people, its natural way of healing and its purity is one of the multiple ways God showing His love.

Thank God for these gifts. And I will be sharing with you these facts about essential oils. Continue reading “6 Things You Have To Know About Essential Oils | Mommy Strawberries”


3 Reasons to Visit the SM Supermalls Website Now | Mommy Strawberries

SM Supermalls just launched their beefed up website and it’s a must-click for smart shoppers, mall event goers and promo-loving digital fans.


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Join Filipina Home-based Moms (FHMoms) First Ever Meet Up and Seminar | Events by Mommy Strawberries

Join FHMOMs‘ first ever meet-up event for a chance to socialize with other home-based moms and be engaged in a fun learning experience of venturing in online jobs with us.

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Filipina Home-based Moms (FHMoms) is a community of Super Pinay Moms with a mission to help fellow mothers; may she be a Wondermom or a WAHMdermom, to obtain the courage to take the first step to freelancing, to share the passion in learning skills, and to enhance the ability to juggle both responsibilities of being a mother and a freelancer. FHMoms is a fun interactive community where the value of helping, sharing and encouraging is shared among all, from freelancing to parenting. 

Discover your Indie Soul at Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe in Tagaytay | Mommy Strawberries

Feeling free inside onself, is being free.

My friend Kai and I have always loved artsy and creative places. I got it from her actually, appreciating pieces of arts and indulging on making our own. Among us two, she’s got the creative eye. So I invited her and her husband to spend a holiday afternoon in Dreamland Arts & Cafe in Tagaytay.

I, like any other social media conscious traveler or wanderer, checked their Facebook page and looked for reviews to set my expectations and the like. Well, there were a lot of disappointed reviews saying they waited for a seat and for their food for an average of 45 minutes to an hour. Which, I do not care much since sought after the relaxing and creative ambiance.

Let me share our experience with Dreamland Arts & Cafe in Tagaytay, enjoy the photo blog and read the captions. You can also watch the slideshow here.

dreamland arts & cafe tagaytay
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