Discover your Indie Soul at Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe in Tagaytay | Mommy Strawberries

Feeling free inside onself, is being free.

My friend Kai and I have always loved artsy and creative places. I got it from her actually, appreciating pieces of arts and indulging on making our own. Among us two, she’s got the creative eye. So I invited her and her husband to spend a holiday afternoon in Dreamland Arts & Cafe in Tagaytay.

I, like any other social media conscious traveler or wanderer, checked their Facebook page and looked for reviews to set my expectations and the like. Well, there were a lot of disappointed reviews saying they waited for a seat and for their food for an average of 45 minutes to an hour. Which, I do not care much since sought after the relaxing and creative ambiance.

Let me share our experience with Dreamland Arts & Cafe in Tagaytay, enjoy the photo blog and read the captions. You can also watch the slideshow here.

dreamland arts & cafe tagaytay
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Pinay Cloth Diapering | Mommy Strawberries

We, Filipinos, have known them in the olden age as “lampins“. Our grandmothers and even my mother have used it when we were still a tiny bit ball of cuteness. Cloth was not a foreign thing to us, we grew up with it. And the millennials call it now as Cloth Diapers, seen in colorful covers and pretty designs, making our little one’s bums even more cute-r!


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Batang Aktibo’t Malakas sa Nutri10 Plus | Mommy Strawberries

My baby boy Redd is turning 2 years old in less than a month and he has been a very active toddler already! He loves running, watching TV, playing blocks, singing, dancing, jumping and did I mention he loves running? He he he.

He is indeed a ball full of energy. With this stage, his pedia told us that it is normal that he would be a much more active baby and it would be difficult for him to gain weight easily especially he is also becoming a picky eater. Months ago he would really not eat and prefer to have biscuits and other filler meals. It was really hard to feed him rice meals.

It was perfect timing when I got introduced to Nutri 10 Multivitamins Syrup. Let me share with you below what Nutri10 can give to your children:

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